Sunday, July 8, 2012


Week 10 Report
(1-7 July 2012)
Since this is 20 years project (or equal to about 1000 weeks project, 1045 to be exact)…this week marks the 1% completion of the journey, time wise….and another 99% to complete.

Not a good week for me…the bad news, the cough, fever, flu…most of the time I just sleeping…need to see the doctor again this Monday and maybe asked for a stronger cough medicine. Need to get well before Kasugi! Go Terengganu Go! :)

Toying with the idea of entering KLCA’s International tournament this September but later find out that my colleague had taken the leave on that time…hmm.

Most probably I could not take part in Nf6 Tournament schedule this November…

Week 10 Report 

Chess Strategy for Club Players: Chapter 7 – Weak pawns

Rook, pawn vs Rook :Understanding Chess Endgames- Checking from the side, Moving to the short side and handling rook pawn.
Tips: Defender, King move to the short side, rook move to the long side.

Cartoon of Jerry King.


  1. How old will you be when this project completes?

    1. 20 years from now i will be 58 years young...hence GM by 58! :)

  2. Din realize you still so young :)

    58 is good number, I was born 1958!

    So I will be 78 (or gone on to better life ) when you reach GM in 20 years time. I just hope you will the 20th or 30th GM, not the FIRST grandmaster :)

    1. 20 years from now 70's will be a new 50' will still be around,we will still be around, taking part...kicking ass in 20th Kasugi International Team Event at KLCC Convention Center... i am sure of that!

      Yeah..hopefully not the first GM (as if i am sure of getting one!)